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EDIT: Wow you guys that was super fast!! I'm not taking any more commissions at the moment, but I will hopefully open up commissions again soon. THANK YOU! <3

After a bit of a snafu with real life (real life? you mean there exists something outside of dA?) I'm back and happy to start with COMMISSIONS!

My first one is in progress (!), so keep an eye out! I currently have 0 more available slots


100 Points  for 1 character with lineart and color
+100 Points  for each additional character
+100 Points  for detailed background

50 Points for 1 character lineart only
+50 Points  for each additional character
+50 Points  for detailed background

250 Points for tracing and coloring a drawing/lineart

Check out my profile page commissions section for examples ^^

What I will draw:
  • My specialty is KND style ;P let me know if you want something else
  • If your idea features kids, please keep it PG! If it features teens and older, please keep it PG-13! (this is super vague I know - please note me for details if you're not sure whether I'd be willing to draw your idea)
Interested? Note meeee (first come, first serve!)

 Heart man5ray

I've decided I adore Steven Universe and anything related to Rebecca Sugar (writer for Adventure Time, creator of SU, awesome songwriter), so here's a little something I've been working on ^^

Steven Universe Extended Theme:

Love Like You (Steven Universe End Theme):

NOTE: I'm definitely not a professional pianist. And not a particularly good singer either ^^;


  • Listening to: Rebecca Sugary goodness!
wow first journal entry! ^^ tagged twice by :iconpinkandorangesunset: and :iconpennywhistle444:

1. Be a smartie and count! How many drawings did you make in 2015?
That I posted? let's see.... 73! (and countless more half-finished sketches that I've been accumulating -__-)

2. What was your best drawing (personal favorite)? Show us one or several of them!
G:KND!! i was SO excited to hear the news AtLA - Foaming-at-the-mouth Guy   Also this classic photo of sector v :)

Stop the G:KND by man5ray KND Memories: Sector V Photoshoot by man5ray

3. What characters did you draw most often?
Anybody and everybody from Codename:Kids Next Door ;P So many art trades with soopah cool OCs! Also this nerd in yellow getting into all kinds of situations
Troublesome Trio Part 2 by man5rayA Timeline of Friendship by man5rayShe's my friend too! --AT by man5ray
Numbuh 745 (c) :iconchequeredtee: 
Numbuh 197.5 (c) :iconkndkid96: 
Numbuh 1999 (c) :iconfarinaartist:

4. What did you perfect in your style or drawing technique? Did you learn something completely new (crafting, 3D modeling, etc)?
I WILL NEVER BE PERFECT ;n; but i think i'm improving with digital art and backgrounds and lighting and coloring inside the lines and figuring out how to read notes on dA and turning on my computer...

5. Do you have any special artistic plans or projects for upcoming year (holding a big contest, starting a comic, etc)?
heh i have a whole notepad full of unrealized ideas. i definitely have more ideas than time XD
That said, maybe working up the courage to post fanfiction? or start commissions? or branch out into a new fandom? ... who knows ?? o.O

Tag time!: a lot of folks i know here have already done it, who's left that would like to? :iconkndkid96: :iconsmithandcompanytoons: :iconaceandjet: :iconmetalx4473: ... and YOU?

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